Fillion vs. Glover (Birthday showdown)


Today is March 27th which, I found out a couple of days ago, is the birthday of Quentin Tarantino, Nathan Fillion and Julian Glover. I wonder if they know that they share this? Hopefully they will when I’m done.

Here’s the line up:

Quentin Tarantino – a great director responsible for some of the defining movies of the last 20+ years,

Nathan Fillion – great actor who, apart from being Captain Reynolds, Captain Hammer and the crime fighting author Richard Castle, is also apparently a very nice man and will hopefully retweet this to his millions of followers and get me some much needed hits on the website (I’m counting on you Nathan).

Julian Glover – a man whose career includes pretty much everything. I mean come on, we’ve got Star Wars, Harry Potter, James Bond, Dr Who, Indiana Jones, Game of Thrones, Blake’s 7.  The man was even in Z Cars!

So, I got to thinking what if these three knew they shared a birthday? Would things have turned out differently? Would Tarantino have included these two fine actors in some of his work.  Here’s what that might have looked like.

Reservoir Dogs – starring Nathan Fillion and Julian Glover

reservoir glover fillion

reservoir dudes

Pulp Fiction – starring Nathan Fillion and Julian Glover

dancing gloverfillion gold watchglover draws down

Jackie Brown – starring Nathan Fillion and Julian Glover

jackie brown gloverjackie brown fillion

Kill Bill – starring Nathan Fillion

kill nathan fillion

Django Unchained – starring Nathan Fillion

django fillion

Inglorious – starring Nathan Fillion and Julian Glover

glover and fillion basterds

Happy birthday gentlemen.  Keep churning out the fantastic work!

All the best from Richard

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