Hi everyone,

I’m very excited. I’ve got the title of my next Taste of Cinema article and it’s all about the films of David Lynch.  I’m going to be writing a piece ordering all his feature films from worst to best.  I’m really looking forward to this one as it gives me the chance to explore my own feelings about the works of my favourite director.  I’ve already done some thinking and it’s really difficult to compare some of them: they’re just so different.

I settled on the notion of comparing them in terms of how well they present the story to the audience, but also taking into account things like casting, design, script and cinematography.

It’s going to be a hard job for me and I’m doubtless going to annoy a lot of people with my choices, but hopefully I can stress the fact that the ‘worst’ of his films is still a cut above the ‘best’ of some other directors’ back catalogues.

So, I’d be really grateful to get some other views and arguments as I write the article.  If you have a favourite or least favourite, I’d love to hear about it with your reasons.

I’m not going to give away too much of my thoughts here, but Mulholland Drive is currently at number 5.

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated.




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