What happens next?

webFirstly, just a quick note to say that I reached a big milestone this morning.  When I woke up, I discovered that I’d reached 5000 hits on the website since I created it in the Spring.  These have come from over 70 countries around the world.   I’m immensely grateful to everyone who has come and read my stuff.  My “best dressed” lists have 2000 hits between them and I’m very happy that I’ve been able to provoke so much discussion in various Facebook groups.

Also this month, I’ve managed to get some attention from people in the entertainment industry.  Nothing massive but it’s good that my name has floated past the eyes of some people in the business.  My articles have been read by Mary McDonnell, Ian Buchanan, Chris Wesseling, Ian Buchanan and one of my all-time personal heroes, Kyle Maclachlan.

To be honest, I am feeling like I’m in a bit of a lull at the minute.  I’ve finished the first draft of The Crossing and that’s obviously a massive step.   It’s something that I’ve dreamed about doing since I was little and to have it done is wonderful.  Two people have now read it and given me some valuable feedback.  I do feel, however, like I have something of a hangover.  I’m stuck between two paths.

Firstly, I need to get the book professionally edited.  I’m probably going to self-publish and I want to do this by next summer.  However, most of the editing services I have found are very expensive.  I’ve learned, through my research, that this is normal as editing is a lengthy and complex process.  I’m just a little worried about where I’m going to find the cash to make it happen.  I don’t want to put the book out there until I’m completely satisfied with how it holds up as a story.

I’m also saving up to have someone help me with the design of the X5 spacecraft.  I’ve found a couple of people on Fiverr who will do it and that will be something I look at in the New Year.  I think it’s going to cost me around £60.  I really want to see the ship in full colour, floating in space in front of my eyes.

Next, I’m wondering whether I should just start right on with book 2.  I know how it starts and I have a rough plan of what happens along with some plot ideas that have presented themselves to me over the past few months.  Poor Valerio the gardener doesn’t know what I’m going to put him through in the next book!!!

Aside from that, I am slowly going through the first draft myself using Grammarly to pick out mistakes.  I was pleased to learn that in the entire first draft (91,450 words) there were only about ten spelling mistakes.  Grammarly picks out all sorts of things.  I seem to be missing a few commas that I thought I had included.  Unfortunately, like everything else I’m finding this costs money.  The free version tells me that there are other mistakes but it will only show me what they are if I cough up the green.  I feel like my manuscript is being held to ransom by the computer.

Still, after all this, I am feeling overjoyed at the fact that I actually have something to work on that is a complete story.  The people who have read it have given me very positive feedback and I really feel confident about making it happen by next summer.  Add to that the fact that the website is going well and people are reading my pointless musings about science fiction and all is very positive at the minute.

I’ll let you know as soon as anything else happens.

There is one more thing: the title.  I’ve been settled on The Crossing for so long now but have started to have doubts.  For me it has always fitted perfectly but I’m thinking Book 1 needs it’s own subtitle or something.  Any ideas are welcome.

Thanks for reading and supporting me.


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