Other inspirations

It’s not all about Science Fiction.  I thought I would take a moment out to talk about one of my other passions: American Football.  In particular, to pay tribute to three people who add inspiration to my weeks.  They all play for my favourite team, the Seattle Seahawks.  Now, I know you’ll ask why I find inspiration in this world of overpaid sportsmen who spend their time chasing a ball around a field.  Why not get inspired by Gandhi or the Dalai Lama?  Well, yes I could.  But can either of them make a one-handed grab like Doug Baldwin?  Probably not.  I feel it because these are people who dedicate themselves to something, who train hard and refuse to accept defeat.  They always strive to do better which is a quality anyone can admire.

Russell Wilson


Here’s a man who has been doubted all the way through his career.  He’s been undervalued by so many people at every stage, written off on account of his height, called a game manager by others and accused of being over reliant on defence and the running game.  All the while he’s been wining games and championships and developing his game.  He’s never missed a training session and works so hard to improve every aspect of what he does.  He’s also extremely competitive and never gives up.  I still can’t believe the amount of times he’s won games in the fourth quarter on pure determination.  The NFC Championship game against the Packers is one of the best examples of not giving up I think I will ever see.  On top of that you only have to look at a couple of weeks ago when someone rolled over his knee and bent it way out of shape.  He missed one play and was then trying to get back onto the field.    This man wants to be involved in everything, to learn and contribute.  That’s what I want to be in terms of my writing.  I want to keep improving and working on my craft.

Doug Baldwin


Here’s someone else who was overlooked by many, undrafted until the Seahawks picked him up and gave him a chance.  Nobody else wanted him.  The reason I find him inspiring is that he’s just kept on telling everyone who’ll listen how good he and his teammates are at what they do.  Anyone who wasn’t giving him due respect has been reminded of why they should.  I think he’s talked so much about how brilliant he is that he’s actually made it true through his belief as much as his work ethic.  Currently he’s one of the best slot receivers in the NFL, making fantastic catches every week.  He made that happen through believing in himself and not listening to people telling him he wasn’t good enough.  As someone who’s trying to be a writer, I’m probably going to have to deal with lots of rejection along the way and there’s a lot to be said for being able to keep talking yourself up.

Christine Michael


Christine Michael gives me inspiration because he is proof that sometimes things suddenly just fit together.  He was with the Seahawks for a while and showed promise but never really hit his potential.  He bounced around a few other teams for a year or so and then ended up with a second chance in Seattle.   Now, he’s making things happen in a big way, seizing his opportunity and having a new sense of himself and the responsibility he has to develop his talent.  I’m inspired by that because I’ve been drifting along for a long time and not using the ability I have for writing and now , suddenly, I’m making it happen.  Whatever you’ve thought of yourself, whatever other shave thought of you, it can all be changed and you can reinvent yourself.

So, these are three people who inspire me.

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