Today I invented a planet. I’m celebrating.

I realised the great power of fiction today in the library. I’ve invented characters and situations and interactions before, but I must say that I’ve never brought something like this into being. It’s an odd feeling, pride mixed with mischief, like I’ve done something outrageous. There are five exoplanets orbiting Tau Ceti in the constellation Cetus.  I just added a sixth, Tau Ceti g, which had remained hidden behind the orbit of its neighbour. It’s about 1.4x the size of Earth and indications are that oxygen is present in its atmosphere. 

I think I like this so much because it’s not complete fantasy (I haven’t created the planet Zog in the Galaxy of Zig); rather a skewing or an extension of the truth. Just a little bit removed from reality.

    2 thoughts on “Today I invented a planet. I’m celebrating.

    1. The thrill and the excitement you must feel every time you sit down to write must be overwhelming.
      It’s great your writing is similar to the truth, it does make it more believable to the reader and the reader can find themselves immersed in the story this way.

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