I’d like to share some artwork, done by a very talented girl in my Year 6 class.  Her name is Darcie and she created this wonderful pastel drawing of Paul and Temperance. I haven’t written this scene yet but it’s not as far away as it used to be. image

8 thoughts on “Artwork

  1. Can’t believe it, it’s been years since I’ve done this.
    And yet I still have followed this blog all this time, with every fascinating post that gives you truly the best about the fantastical world of Science Fiction.
    Wholeheartedly, I hope that you are doing well and will finally succeed in publishing The Ardenna Crossing (and the many other books to come!) with your beautiful use words and vocabulary, able to be placed in the art of literature at last, after all of your hard work and dedication that you have put into this story.
    I wish you the most in all that you do and know that you can do anything without a doubt. You have great determination to be able to push on forwards with your works, for that i respect you dearly.
    Not only as an author, but as a person and a teacher. The teacher that taught and helped me so much.
    I really do miss primary school, even though I’m about to start choosing my GCSE’s now.
    But all i have to say is, don’t give up! (P.S I will make sure to be one of the first get your book!)

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    1. Thanks Darcie. That’s too kind. I’ve been doing mainly poetry this last year but I’ll be going back to the book in a few weeks. There are quite a few plot holes that have been pointed out to me that I need to fix if it’s going to be as good as I want it to be. I’m ready for the challenge, though. Thanks for your support and encouragement and for keeping up with all the blog stuff, and good luck with your GCSEs


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