Tonight’s Viewing – Fire (Pozar)

Hi everyone, How lovely to sit and watch something from David Lynch that I’ve never seen before. I thought this was brand new but then the title at the end said 2015. I don’t know if it had just remained hidden until now or if everyone else had already seen it. I deliberately didn’t read […]

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Children in an Online World

Did you know: around a quarter of children in the UK think that, if a website is listed on Google, then it has been through some kind of authentication process and its content can be trusted. Here are some graphics that I pulled off an Ofcom report from 2017. I do not claim any expertise […]

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Enter the “World of Strange”

Hi everyone, Thought I’d take a minute to promote some great work that has been done by a friend of mine, Frank Cronogue. Frank’s been busy producing a series of  YouTube shows called “World of Strange” about some of the stranger things that go on in our world.  I’ve been severely sleep-deprived in the past couple […]

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A Twin Peaks Conversation

Hi there, As promised, here is a link to my conversation with Cameron and Hal on the YouTube channel, Obnoxious and Anonynous.  We talked about all manner of things from Twin Peaks to Eraserhead and beyond.  It was very late at night and I probably slurred my words and made no sense whatsoever but it […]

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