Great Leadership Advice from Outer Space

Hi everyone, I was thinking about my leadership style the other day and wondering who my role models were. Obviously, there are the ones who exist in real life. On top of them, however, are those who lurk in the recesses of my brain; filled as it is with pop culture references. I listed all […]

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Monday Music 20 – 2018

This week’s Monday Music comes from Star Trek: The Motion Picture. All the attention has been sucked up by Jerry Goldsmith’s theme music which was later used as the main theme for The Next Generation, however he came up with some other lovely pieces within the film. Here’s what I wrote about the film itself […]

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Monday Music 24 – 2017

When it comes to Star Trek music, sometimes it’s hard to see past the original theme by Alexander Courage, Jerry Goldsmith’s one and James Horner’s work. I was watching Star Trek Beyond the other night, however, and it struck me what a good job Michael Giacchino had done with creating an original sound for the […]

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