Rewatching Blake’s 7 – Season 2: Episode 7

It’s been a while again, but I finally got another episode of Blake’s 7 under my belt. Season 2: Episode 7 – Killer OK, first thing I notice is that this episode was written by Robert Holmes.  Hopefully that means I’m in for something dark. Holmes was the man behind some of the most grim […]

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15 Great Doctor Who Stories

Haven’t written anything properly for over a week as I’ve been struggling with a nasty case of sinusitis. Feels good to be back on it, communicating once again. I’ve been thinking about my favourite Doctor Who stories. Once again, I’ll preface this by saying that it isn’t meant to be a ‘best of all time’ list […]

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Update: Doctor and Book Doctor

Hey everyone, It’s been a week since I wrote anything.  If I haven’t been ill, I’ve been proof-reading reports for school or other such tasks.  I do have a couple of things to update you about, though.  One of them is particularly thrilling (for me anyway). No, I haven’t finished my Star Trek article for […]

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